Advertise on WORD

1. Word is uniquely fortunate to have a large number of financially sound, secure and stable, listeners. They are going to spend their money with businesses they know & trust.

A. Advertising on WORD helps you build a name with our listeners.
B. Our listeners will associate your name with what you sell and why you’re business is a good choice for them.
C. Trust builds from familiarity over a period time, with the
help of well written commercials that are meaningful to the  listener/consumer.

2.  Massive amounts of research prove ads are more efficient and effective on Talk Radio!
3.  Our line up of local/national personalities and landscape. Credibility leads to trust and trust leads to sales! “If you were speaking to a room filled with 100,000 people who
were paying attention to you, what would you say to them to make them want to be your customer?”


WORD Consumers are affluent, engaged and loyal! 
Here are the ways you can access them!

        ON AIR
  Commercial schedules
  Sponsorships – News ,Traffic, Weather, Sports!
  Sports – Carolina Panthers (NFL), Byrnes High School Football

  •   Streaming Listenership
  •   Video
  •   Streaming Player Pre-Roll
  •   Video Blog Pre-Roll
  •   Business of the Week
  •   Preferred Business Network
  •   Database Marketing
  •   News /Programming Alerts
  •   Birthday Club
  •   Banners & Links
  •   Digital Video Overlay (DVO)
  •   Micro sites
  •   Poll

  •    Incoming Text Bounce Back
  •   Keyword Campaigns
  •   Polls & Contests
  •   News & Programming Alerts

  •   Political Debates
  •   Appearances
  •   Community
  •   Promotions

Our ACCESS Points Can enhance any advertising campaign!

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ETM Mad Money from T.E.Ross on Vimeo.