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Seth Stokes
September 14, 2017 - 8:40 am

In this week's edition of the 106.3 WORD Cover Story, we continue our monthly small town series with a look at Powdersville.  

Powdersville, South Carolina is nestled in the northern corner of Anderson County just 8 miles south of Greenville. Since it is unincorporated it doesn’t have well defined boundaries . It’s northwest border is the Pickens County line and it’s northeast border is the Saluda River.

There are a couple of different theories on how the area came to be known as Powdersville. In 1859, a powder mill was established in present-day Powdersville by John Bowen. During the Civil War, the area was used to store gunpowder; and one of the first stores in present-day Powdersville was called the Powdersville Area General Store; which sold gunpowder.

It is also said that the area was a popular stopping point for female travelers to “powder” their nose.

Despite being known as mostly a farming community, the area is continuing to grow thanks to the increase in subdivisions and business along Highway 153. According to the 2010 census, the population was 7,618; up from the 5,362 in 2000.

It’s schools are part of Anderson County School District 1. It doesn’t have a local law enforcement agency but it does have a volunteer fire department.

Even though the area is growing, there is a bit of unrest in the community.

Patrick Gentry spoke with a very concerned resident about the direction Powdersville is headed.

Patrick also spoke with Bobby James of Powdersville Live regarding one specific concern for area citizens.

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