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Tax-Free Weekend

Seth Stokes
August 02, 2018 - 6:00 am

This week's edition of the WORD Cover Story focuses on this weekend's Tax-Free Weekend. 

I spoke with Bonnie Swingle, the Department of Revenue's Public Information Director, to learn more abou the retail holiday.

For a list of exempt items you can log on to: 




Not only is it back to school time, it’s also coming up on tax free weekend. When you hear tax free weekend and back to school shopping - one thinks about backpacks and notebook paper, but there is one costly item overlooked when shopping for deals this weekend. For this week’s WORD cover story, Patrick Gentry sat down with James McNeely, general manager of Pecknel Music to find out if parents can save money on a big ticket item – musical instruments. 

I also spoke to a couple of consumers and got their opinions on tax-free weekend.

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