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"Smart" Tech Keeping Kids Safe On The Field

Patrick Gentry
January 10, 2019 - 5:45 am

In this week’s 106.3 WORD Cover Story, we are taking a look at how “smart” helmets are assisting “smart” coaches in gathering data to help protect student athletes, as well as help ultimately lead their team to victory. I talked to an Upstate coach who is one of the first in the state to incorporate technology into his ball program. Of course I wanted to know how the technology worked, so I talked to a couple of different sports safety technology manufacturers who are making being a “nerd” in football cool. Which ultimately lead me on a path to find out if these “smart helmets” are more than just “smart marketing” and to get an official opinion, I interviewed the doctor in charge of keeping one of the United States most successful football programs healthy, safe and on the field.

106.3 WORD Cover Stories:

I went down to Anderson County and talked to Sheldon Evans, the head football coach of the Crescent High Tigers about how he is utilizing Riddell’s new smart helmet technology.

I found out from helmet manufacturer Riddell  that the smart helmet is the next big thing from the sports safety company.

I talked to Dr. Christopher Kaeding with the Ohio State University sports medicine program to get his thoughts on new the smart helmet technology in preventing concussions.

I had the opportunity to talk with Andrew Golden with Athlete Intelligence to learn more about forward thinking designs in sports safety.


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