106.3 WORD Cover Story

Greer Streetscape Project

Seth Stokes
August 30, 2018 - 7:24 am

In this week's edition of the 106.3 WORD cover story, we take a look at the Greer Streetscape Project that should start around the beginning of 2019.

This is a project that has been several years in the making. It will transform Trade Street, which is the bustling epicenter of the town, into something unique by taking away sidewalks and making everything from store front to store front a flat surface with color coded areas for walking and driving.

The project will also reach over to surrounding streets for some sprucing up. 

A project this large has many moving parts. First, the infrastructure undernearth the streets had to be addressed as it is over 100 years old in some places. For that, went to Greer CPW and spoke with Mark Harvey, the Engineering and Planning Manager, to learn more about what exactly they did under the asphalt. 

Ed Driggers, the City Administrator, has really spearheaded the efforts on the streetscape project. I met up with him at City Hall to learn the history and cost of such a massive undertaking. 

Without a strong marketing team it would be tough to communicate to business owners and members of the community. A team was assembled and efforts are underway. Katie Howell heads up marketing for Greer Development, is a part of this team and laid out some of the things they are going to be doing. 

With a project of this magnitude, there is no doubt that business will be disrupted. I spoke with a pair of business owners that operate on Trade Street to get their thoughts on the matter. 

First up was James Carter. He owns Empire Limited and seems to be fully bought in and prepared for the work, taking full advantage of a facade grant given by both the county and city.

I then walked a few doors down to visit Shelly Jordan who owns The Shoppes on Trade. 



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