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Are South Carolina teachers unhappy?

Patrick Gentry
September 26, 2018 - 9:24 pm

In this week’s 106.3 WORD Cover story, the idea was based on a WalletHub study that found South Carolina didn’t rank very highly in the category of “Teacher-Friendliness.” In fact, we placed 7th. In this week’s Cover Story, I wanted to know why South Carolina didn’t do so well in many factors that might drive people away from the field of education and if it’s true that Palmetto State educators are indeed unhappy.

I went directly to WalletHub to find out what factors went into their study, and the reason why teachers might be wearing a frown on their face. Jill Gonzalez said there were two main reasons they found that made people rethink a job teaching.

A former educator that was once employed by a South Carolina school district that shall remain nameless (to protect the innocent), Eric Wiley tells me that money wasn’t the reason he left the classroom for another career in a different state.

I wanted to find out from Beth Brotherton with Greenville County Schools if there is a bad vibe in the teacher’s lounge and if there are many teachers perusing other options.


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