106.3 WORD Cover Story

Does your vote really count?

Patrick Gentry
October 04, 2018 - 5:45 am

In this week’s 106.3 WORD Cover Story, with the upcoming midterm elections around the corner, and much talk about election tampering since the 2016 election we wanted to know, exactly how safe is your vote? How vulnerable are these aging voting machines to tampering; how do you really know that you vote is being safely counted, and in the right hands?

Lee Rogers talked to Conway Belangia, the Director of Elections for Greenville County about the machines the county uses for tallying your vote and how it works, is the Greenville County vote safe, and will the old tech be phased out in favor of new machines?

Patrick Gentry talked to the Chairman for the Greenville County Republican Party, Nate Leupp about what he hearing as he is listening on the front line to voter concerns about election security, he also shares that often… it’s not the machine that’s the problem.

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