106.3 WORD Cover Story


Patrick Gentry
April 18, 2019 - 5:45 am

For this week’s 106.3 WORD Cover Story, the idea started because I got sick. I didn’t want to have to take time out of work to sit in the doctor’s office for what is a fairly mild ailment. So, instead of calling the doctor, hoping I could get an appointment, then take time out of the day to sit in a waiting room with others who are sicker than I am – to possibly be infected with what they have… not this time. I pulled out a card I received in the mail about “Teladoc” a digital doctor. This week’s story was easy concept to come up with – telemedicine.

Just like the appointment that lead to the story, making an appointment for an interview was easy with Teladoc. I “tapped the app” so to speak and interviewed Dr. Jason Tibbels with Teladoc.

We didn’t have to go too far for our next interview, I sat down with Evan Smith to talk about my experience using telemedicine.

Below Is The Full Audio Interview

Evan Smith talked to MUSC about how South Carolina is one of the first in the country to introduce telemedicine as an option for medical treatment.

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