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Medical Marijuana In S.C.

Patrick Gentry
January 16, 2019 - 11:08 pm

It has been a big topic for quite a while now, and also the subject of much controversy - medical marijuana in South Carolina. A bill reintroduced into both houses in our state Tuesday aims to give medical patients a different course of treatment. I talked to a local non-profit, Cannabis Forward about what legislation is floating around the statehouse and what its chances of seeing the light of day in 2019 might be. However, South Carolina's Governor as well as another local non-profit, FAVOR, are not ready to hop aboard the medical cannabis train too quickly.

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Patrick Gentry talked with Cannabis Forward, a Greenville non-profit dedicated to educating people about marijuana and its many safe uses.

Patrick Gentry with Emily McSherry with Cannabis Forward, a Greenville non-profit about the popular CBD oils that are popping up, even in local convenience stores.

Evan Smith talked with one person who was not fond of the idea of the bill being passed.

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