106.3 WORD Cover Story

Smitten with Valentine's Day

Evan Smith
February 14, 2019 - 2:40 pm

On this week's 106.3 WORD Cover story, we're taking a deep dive into Valentine's Day. While the rest of ya'll are out grabbing last minute flowers and cards, we wanted to take a look at the holiday of love from a few different angles. 

First up, has the rise of dating apps caused a major shift in the way courtship works? We spoke with a card-carrying Millenial to see if things really are that different.

Next up, what kind of date is your best option? Dinner and a movie can seem stale (not to mention, if you haven't already made reservations by now, you're out of luck), so we took a look at one unique option that's gaining popularity. 

Finally, with all those couples out at dinner, what is the impact on local restuarants? The added crowds can be good for business, but other challanges remain that many might not even consider.

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