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Electric Vehicles

Patrick Gentry
June 06, 2019 - 5:45 am

Electric Vehicles are the latest craze in the strive for going green. Carmakers all over the world are coming out with their own version of an all-electric car that does not use any gas whatsoever. The Leaf is the bestselling electric car in the world as of 2016. The sexy name in EV’s, though, is Tesla. While there is not a dealer in the area you can purchase one in Charlotte or Atlanta.

There are pros and cons to buying electric. Some pros are never needing to purchase gas again, they are much better for the environment than gas burners, and most manufacturers require little to no maintenance outside of things that wear out like tires. For example, Tesla recommends bringing the car in for an inspection once a year.  Also, there are some nice buying incentives and potential tax credits for buying electric.

Not everything is super smooth with electric cars, though. Depending on the vehicle and trim level the battery could give you very limited mileage. While the batteries are improving, not all manufactures are where you would want them to be for a long road trip. Yes, charging ports are becoming more common but you will need to map out your trip carefully to make sure you hit charging points when using a 100% electric vehicle.

WORD's Patrick Gentry spoke with Lang Reynolds from Duke Energy about the potential cost savings of driving electric.

We spoke with Brittany Moore of Greenville's Parking Services about the charging stations located in the city. 

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