106.3 WORD Cover Story

The "Millennial" Taboo

Patrick Gentry
July 03, 2019 - 4:40 pm

In this week’s edition of the 106.3 WORD Cover Story. We are taking another look at a generation of human beings that have drawn much ire for their different ways of thinking on issues, ways of working, and will soon be the ones in charge. I am speaking of the millennial generation. There have been reports that they greatly differ from their parent’s generation in many ways however I found out – most of the core values haven’t changed. An in-depth report on “millennials” – 106.3 WORD Cover Story

Patrick Gentry talked a youth pastor at a local church about the various problems associated with the millennial title.

According to a new survey, millennials are not wanting to live like their parents. Patrick Gentry has this report.

We spoke with Dr Dave Woodard, a poli-sci professor at Clemson, about what comes to his mind when he considers Millennials.

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