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Giving The Gift Of Life - Blood

Patrick Gentry
July 10, 2019 - 3:55 pm

In this week’s 106.3 WORD Cover Story, it’s all about giving the gift of life in the liquid form – blood. The problem with blood is, everyone has it and many still need more. This week’s Cover Story looks at how much blood is needed from the authority on all things blood, The Blood Connection, we also talked to someone who takes the time monthly to make sure she does what she can to save others. We also hear a touching tale of a blood recipient where the “red gold” saved their life.

106.3 WORD Cover Stories

Patrick Gentry talked blood and the major need for it with the Upstate’s authority in all things blood – The Blood Connection.

Chris Courtney suffered from a genetic kidney disease and was on dialysis for over five years when he got the call that a perfect donor kidney was available.  

The transplant initially worked, but then due to massive infection, Chris' health plummetted...Chris Courtney was placed into an induced coma.

Anne Robards spoke with Chris' mother, Jane Hall, who said the doctor was getting her ready for Chris to die... and how the gift of blood helped save her son's life

There is one angel walking around everyday doing her part to save others as a regular blood donor. 

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