85-385 Gateway Project Update

What to expect over the summer

Ken Pauli
July 06, 2018 - 4:35 pm
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courtesy SC DoT


Summer has started and the 85-385 Gateway Project construction continues. The past few months have been busy and the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) says they appreciate everyone following traffic shifts to allow for work.  As you can tell, if you drive through the area, major parts of the interchange are starting to really take shape.
Here are highlights of the second quarter 2018:

  • I-385 Median operations continued to include Storm Drainage work, Concrete Barrier Wall, and concrete paving.
    85-385 Gateway Project bridge construction
    courtesy SCDOT
  • Girders were set on new Bridge 10 for the exit ramp from I-85 to Woodruff Road.
  • Many MSE (Mechanically Stabilized Earth) walls continued to come out of the ground in the interchange to support future widening and new ramps.
  • Roper Mountain Stage 2 work commenced following the Stage 1 traffic shift. This involves Embankment placement, Wire Wall construction, Storm Drainage, and Asphalt paving.
  • Final Cross slope corrections were completed in the I-85 SB/NB Rehab sections and cross slope corrective work is well under way between the interchange and Pelham Road on I-85 NB & SB.
  • Substructure and Superstructure work at the I-385/Garlington Road Bridges completed to prepare for girder sets.
  • Deck pours completed on our first Flyover Bridge, Roper Mtn. Overpass Bridge and new I-385 SB bridge over I-85.

85-385 Gateway Project construction
courtesy SCDOT
Here is what is planned for the upcoming third quarter 2018:

The SCDOT’s contractor, the Flatiron-Zachry Joint Venture, is forecasting the following work for the summer months of 2018.

  • Utility relocations continue across the project limits as necessary to accommodate the proposed roadway/interchange improvement.
  • Shift traffic to the new Flyover bridge from I-385 NB to I-85 SB along with the opening of new Ramp 2, Ramp 4B, and the new half of Roper Mountain Road as well as opening Gateway Access Road in its new/final alignment.
  • Shift of traffic onto new concrete paving for a portion of I-385 NB
  • Continued construction of MSE walls.
  • Continued concrete paving in the future I-385 median between Garlington and I-85.
  • Bridge construction will continue in the interchange the I-385 bridges and ramps.
  • Continued storm drainage installation.
  • Clearing of remaining areas for widening between Muddy Ford and Pelham Road. 
  • Rehabilitation of sections of northbound Interstate 85 between Mauldin Road (mile marker 47) and the GSP Airport Exit (mile marker 57) will continue this summer with placement of the last asphalt paving.
    85-385 Gateway Project night construction
    courtesy SCDOT

You can visit their website to learn more about past work and what's coming up.


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