AG Wilson Supporting Abortion Clinic Regulation

Joining fifteen other states

Patrick Gentry
February 08, 2019 - 12:46 pm

South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson has joined 15 other states in asking for a federal appeals court to uphold states' authority to regulate abortion clinics. 

The now 16-state coalition are supporting a Kentucky law requiring abortion clinics to maintain transfer and transport agreements with local hospitals. The effort is to enable quick access to higher level medical care for patients who might experience emergencies or complications at clinics. 

The law, which stood for 19 years in Kentucky was recently abandoned in the Louisville area who ended to transfer agreements. When that happened, AG Wilson's office says the clinics filed a lawsuit, claiming the law created undue burdens for women wanting abortions. 

A federal district court accepted the clinics' reasoning and declared the law unconstitutional and now, the 16-state coalition are asking the court to reverse that decision. 

“A sovereign state possesses a powerful, overriding interest in ensuring that abortion clinics comply with its health and safety requirements,” Attorney General Wilson said. “We’re asking the U.S. Court of Appeals to protect women’s lives and health.”

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