Anderson County to Spray for West Nile

Tonight and tomorrow morning

Ken Pauli
October 05, 2018 - 7:23 am
An Asian Tiger Mosquito which breeds in standing water, in Anderson.

Image: Ken Ruinard, USA Today Images


A CodeRed message is being sent out to residents in Anderson County within a one-mile radius of where some dead birds were found infected with the West Nile virus.  The alert is to warn residents that there are plans to spray their neighborhoods.

Three new cases were confirmed this week by state officials in the dead birds, although no confirmed cases of humans contracting the disease have been confirmed.

The areas that will be sprayed are within one mile of the following intersections (weather permitting) late tonight (Friday, October 5) and continuing through until tomorrow morning (Saturday, October 6.)

  • A.M. Ellison Rd. and Hwy 81 North in Anderson
  • Hwy 86 and Hwy 81 North in Easley
  • Chestnut Springs and Mountain View Road in Williamston

Trucks with mounted sprayers will be driving through the area and the contractor will be placing special larvicide briquettes in standing water in public areas to try to kill the mosquito larva.

Officials are asking residents to, not only wear protective clothing and use repellents to prevent being bitten by mosquitos, but to also empty sources of standing water on your property such as birdbaths, gutters, pool covers, pet driving bowls, old tires and flower pots.

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