Another Victim Of The S.C. Opioid Crisis

Babies born to addicted mothers

South Carolina Radio Network
July 05, 2018 - 11:49 am

Another victim of the opioid crisis in South Carolina are babies born to addicted mothers.

Children’s Trust of South Carolina Executive Officer Sue Williams told South Carolina Radio Network that there is an effort underway to address the issue. “The Birth Outcome Initiative and they meet monthly talking about how we can reduce low birthweight babies. Because we know when babies are born at low birth weight or very low birth weight they start out behind.”

“Because these babies are being born to opioid-addicted mothers and so they are born with low birthweight,” said Williams.

Williams said that a low birthweight baby is behind the curve when born. “And it takes a lot to get them up to speed. There are a lot of things that feed into that.”

Children’s Trust is a statewide agency that works to improve the well-being of children.

The organization also conducts research and evaluation that can lead to a deeper understanding of what they need to do for children’s well-being.

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