After Mugabe, how free and fair will Zimbabwe's vote be?

July 04, 2018 - 5:16 am

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — It will be a first for Zimbabwe's voters: the name of Robert Mugabe, 94, won't be on the ballot when elections are held on July 30. But the military-backed system that kept the former leader in power for decades, and then pushed him out, is still in control.

That is the conundrum facing a southern African country anxious to shed its old image as an international pariah, and to draw the foreign aid and investment needed for an economic revival. The government promises a free and fair vote and the military, whose 2017 takeover led to Mugabe's resignation, says it won't stray from the barracks.

Some Zimbabweans, though, wonder how much things have really changed.

They ask whether the ruling ZANU-PF party and military would accept an opposition victory.

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