Toyota worker’s suicide ruled work-related after harassment

November 19, 2019 - 4:40 am

TOKYO (AP) — Toyota says it hopes to prevent further cases after authorities ruled that one of its engineers killed himself after being repeatedly ridiculed by his boss.

A regional labor bureau ruled in September that the 2017 suicide entitled the victim’s family to compensation under a law regarding job-related deaths.

Toyota Motor Corp. acknowledged the case Tuesday. It said it hopes to prevent such cases and expressed condolences for the death.

Yoshihide Tachino, the attorney for the victim and his family, said Toyota was responsible for mismanagement and allowing the harassment to continue.

The case came amid growing awareness of problems with what the Japanese call “power harassment.”

Tachino says the worker, 28 when he died, was repeatedly called an idiot by his boss, and told he should die.

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