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Important Dates from Greenville Co.

Seth Stokes
July 28, 2017 - 11:42 am

From Beth Brotherton, spokeperson for Greenville County Schools:

ASAP – Register new students!  We need parents to know that waiting until August presents a serious challenge for administrators.  Principals need accurate head counts NOW.  Principals must know how many teachers they need at each grade level.  They are assigning students to the teachers they have and adhering to class size restrictions.  If they have an influx of new students they need to know quickly whether to hire additional staff.  Parents should go to the school where they are assigned to register their child.  If they do not know which school they are zoned for they can call our info line at 355-3100 or go to the “find your school” feature on our website and search by neighborhood.  Information about the documents necessary for registration can be found at the link below!


Monday, July 31 -  Transportation request forms for NEW bus riding students or students who have moved over the summer are due on Monday July 31.  The transportation department is inputing this information now so the routing software can create the most timely and fuel efficient bus schedules possible.  They want to give parents an accurate time and location for bus pick up.  Any requests for transportion turned in after the upcoming Monday deadline will not be routed until after Labor Day.

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