Back To School By The Numbers

A look at the Greenville County stats

Patrick Gentry
August 17, 2018 - 3:01 pm

Greenville County Schools will welcome the return of students on Monday, August 20th.  Elementary begins at 8am, Middle at 8:30 and High School at 8:45.

GCS by the Numbers in 2018-2019:

Students: 76,000

Employees: 10,000

Facilities: 106

Teachers: 5400

New teachers hired: 633

First year teachers: 265

Schools with new principals: 11

Meals served daily: 82,000

Bus routes: 369

Miles driven by buses daily: 41,000

Students who ride the bus: 27,000

Athletic teams: 555

Student athletes: 11,200

GCS is the largest school district in South Carolina.  We are the 44th largest district in the country.  We are the second largest employer in Greenville County.

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