Be Cool South Carolina

Save Energy

July 18, 2019 - 7:44 pm

A South Carolina Summer is truly a wonderful experience... when the air conditioning is working properly!

Just some quick reminders from Duke Energy to help you stay cool, keep your equipment running smoothly and SAVE YOU MONEY at the same time.

When the house is empty, turn the thermostat up.  The couch won't mind being a little warm.

Give your home some sunglasses, shield the sun from coming in the windows by closing your blinds, curtains and drapes during the day.

Keep your homes lungs free of dust and debris, change those filters.

Put your outside grill to use, give the oven a break.

Let the ceiling fan have some fun and give it a spin.  (Summer counterclockwise, Winter clockwise)

Duke Energy has many more wonderful tips, click here to check em out.

~ Stacie Bartro




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