Berea HS Students Detained

BB gun in backpack prompted lockdown

Lee Rogers
May 29, 2019 - 1:12 pm

Josh Morgan/USA Today


Berea High School was placed on full lockdown Wednesday morning at 11:10AM, after a student told administration officials she thought another student had a gun in his backpack. 

The on-site School Resource Officer immediately attempted to locate the 16 year-old boy that had been suspected of having the weapon.  The student had already left the classroom when the SRO arrived. 

Greenville County School District officials notified the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office who responded and set up a perimeter while the school was searched. 

Deputies were able to locate the student and discovered that the weapon was a BB gun and had been transferred to another students backpack.  Both students were detained by law enforcement.  The lockdown was lifted around 12:30 Wednesday afternoon. 

During their investigation, deputies learned the suspect had made threats regarding another student.  Charges against one or both of the students are pending.  No one was injured. 

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