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In SC, winning tix come from Greenville

Ken Pauli
July 03, 2018 - 4:00 am
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If you hope to win the South Carolina Education Lottery, we know where you should probably buy your ticket for a better chance at winning.  Figures from the Lottery Commission show that the big money winners are more often here in Greenville County.  By "big money," we're talking $1,000,000! 

Fourteen $1,000,000 winners bought tickets in Greenville County in the past 10 years. 

There were 6 winners from Greenville stores, 3 in Greer, 2 in Taylors, and one each in Simpsonville, Pelzer and Travelers Rest.  That’s higher than any other county in the state.  The types of stores range from Spinx and Quicktrip to independently owned mom and pop places. 

The total number of winners in the past 10 years from $10,000 to those million dollar prizes in Greenville County was 292. 

Here is the detailed list of stores in Greenville County where people purchased those tickets that won $1,000,000, the claim date and the ticket they purchased/game they played that won the $1,000,000:

  • 8/31/2016    Scotchman #3859, Greer.  Black Ice Millions
  • 6/7/2016      QuikTrip #1134, Greenville.  Powerball
  • 12/3/15        QuikTrip #1113, Greer.  MegaMillions
  • 10/7/2015    Piedmont Petro Corner Mart #38, Greenville. Powerball
  • 5/26/2015    Handee Mart Food Stores #4, Travelers Rest.  Powerball
  • 7/21/2014    Garden Spot #4, Taylors.  Powerball
  • 2/21/14        Lil Cricket #3882, Taylors. Powerball
  • 4/4/2013      Wilco Hess #925, Greenville.  Money Money Millionaires
  • 2/15/2013    Spinx Company #126, Greer.  Money Money Millionaires
  • 5/4/2012      Jai Hanumanta Inc, Greenville.  Diamond Millionaire 10th Anniversary
  • 3/4/2011      Pelzer Food Store, Pelzer.  Powerball
  • 11/15/2010  Spinx Company #193, Simpsonville. Powerball
  • 12/18/2009  Li`l Cricket #880, Greenville. Cash Bonanza Bonus
  • 4/20/2009    Spinx Company #127, Greenville.  Powerball


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