Black History Month 2018 #9

Birthplace of Dr. Benjamin E. Mays

Ken Pauli
February 21, 2018 - 4:00 am
Birthplace of Benjamin E. Mays

SC African American Historical Commission


Our next stop on locations recommended to visit during Black History Month is the birthplace of the man who was called his spiritual mentor by Dr. Martin Luther King. 

Dr. Benjamin E. Mays’ birthplace is located on Hospital Street in Greenwood. Mays was Baptist minister, author, and civil rights pioneer. He was probably best known as the president of Morehouse College in Atlanta from 1940 through 1967.  Morehouse is, of course, an historically African American college, and is also the country’s largest men’s college.

Mays’ parents were both born into slavery, but he went on to graduate from both Bates College in Maine and the University of Chicago.

Although this historic site was moved 14 miles from its original location, it’s still a great testament to Dr. Mays' breaking the walls of poverty and building the ladder to self-sufficiency. A seven-foot bronze statue of Mays was unveiled at this site this past November.  Individual and group tours are available by appointment.  864-229-8833

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