Brocato Announces Candidacy for SC House Seat

Made the announcement on the Bob McLain show

Ed Jenson
January 06, 2018 - 12:57 am

Brett Brocato announced Friday on the Bob Mclain Show on 1063 WORD that he plans to to run for the Republican nomination for the South Carolina House of Representatives seat in District 22, which includes parts of downtown, most of Pelham Road, and all of Bob Jones University. 

Brocato’s campaign will center on a message of faith and family. He vows to bring solutions for our educational and foster care systems and to protect our families and faith communities. If elected he will support legislation that would bring educational finance reform, promote affordable and efficient options for adopting South Carolina children, defend the lives of the unborn, and protect religious institutions from violating their faith. 

“Family is really important to me,” Brocato said. “As father and a son, I know that belonging to a nuclear family dramatically increases the quality of life that our children will experience. Our foster-to-adopt program is backlogged with children waiting to be placed in permanent homes, but the system is failing them. We need to take a long, hard look at what can be done to make the foster-to-adopt system more efficient.” 

When asked why he thinks that the incumbent, Rep. Jason Elliott, should be replaced, Brocato stated he believes that Elliott does not represent the values of the voters. Brocato has also seen no reason to believe that Elliott was honest during the 2016 campaign. Few voters were aware of Elliot's alternative lifestyle until after he had defeated former Representative Wendy Nanney. 

“This is not about Elliott being homosexual;” Brocato said, “it is about him concealing his lifestyle until he had defeated the conservative, pro-life incumbent. House District 22 has a voter base that cares deeply about defending traditional marriage. How can anyone make the case that this very conservative district would have voted for Jason Elliott if they knew about his lifestyle?" 

In a political environment that sexual orientation and gender identity non-discrimination clauses are increasingly slipped into legislation, Brocato believes that Elliott should be replaced with a Conservative who defends the religious rights of faith-based organizations and local business owners. 

“I think we have a great chance of winning,” said campaign manager James Labadorf. “In 2016 we ran a write-in campaign that gathered over two thousand votes in twenty-one days. Our write-in campaign was more successful than any other write-in campaign for the South Carolina House in the past twenty years; winning is just a matter of reaching voters with our message.” 

Brett is originally from Brandon, Mississippi. He and his wife, Melanie, live in the Pelham Road area. They have four children – six-year-old twins, a four-year-old, and an infant. Brett works locally as an engineer at an international manufacturing firm. The Brocatos are also members of Rocky Creek Baptist Church. 

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