Burger King Lawsuit

Woman wants medical bills paid

Evan Smith
May 15, 2019 - 2:35 pm

A woman has filed a civil suit against the Burger King on West Faris Road in Greenville, claiming that a cheeseburger and some chicken nuggets she ate three years ago are to blame for chronic health issues.

The woman, Lanice Spurgeon, claims in her suit that she ordered the $4 worth of food in May of 2016.

She said she noticed an unexpected texture when eating, a slimy taste, and said the food was undercooked. After forcing herself to vomit, she returned to the restaurant and got a refund.

But later on, Spurgeon says she was so weak she couldn’t walk and that she went through years of tests to find out what was wrong. She now says she has irritable bowel syndrome and is demanding Burger King pay for all her medical bills.

The restaurant has denied the allegations and worked to have the suit dismissed.

A judge is expected to rule on Burger King’s motion sometime in June.

For now, the restaurant maintains its “A” rating and 100 percent score from the Department of Health and Human Services.

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