Bus Factory to Buzz in Greenville

Proterra gets 2 big orders

Ken Pauli
June 19, 2018 - 4:00 am
Proterra battery electric bus


The electric bus factory here in Greenville is going to be humming even more in the coming months.  Proterra, the California-based company that makes the buses, just had a couple of big orders.

Last week, Proterra received an order from the city of Toronto’s transit agency, ordering 10 new electric buses.  Toronto has the largest mass transit system in Canada. It’s the first time that city be adding battery-electric vehicles to their fleet.  All of those buses will be built at their factory here in Greenville. 

Then just one day later, Chicago’s Transit Authority ordered 20 of the vehicles.  That order is a $32 million contract.  The first of those to Chicago will be delivered later this year.  No word if those vechiles will be produced here in the Upstate or at their Los Angeles plant.   

Proterra manufactures battery-electric buses at only 2 plants, here in Greenville and in Los Angeles. 

Greenville Transit Authority (Greenlink) and Clemson Area Transit (Catbus) are both adding Proterra battery-electric buses to their fleets.  

See the complete interview with Proterra CEO  Ryan Popple. 


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