Check's Not In The Mail

For ratepayers in S.C.

Patrick Gentry
February 19, 2019 - 2:27 pm

For more than 700,000 customers of a private South Carolina utility, the $1,000 rebate checks aren't in the mail.

A year ago, Dominion Energy proposed writing the average South Carolina Electric & Gas customer a $1,000 check if lawmakers facilitated and regulators approved their merger.

During merger negotiations, Dominion executives, consumer groups and regulators decided on lower power rates over 20 years by roughly $20 a month instead of the one-time cash payment. They said it would be a bigger benefit over a much larger period of time than the rebate.

Lawmakers, especially those who represent poorer districts, feel like Dominion pulled a bait-and-switch on their constituents.

And lower bills might not last. Dominion can ask for rate increases for its base costs of generating and distributing power in 2021.

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