Child Care Difficulties

Report shows widespread problem

Evan Smith
May 13, 2019 - 3:57 pm

With mother’s day just behind us, a new report has revealed widespread challenges for many South Carolina mothers.

A national resources and referral group that focuses on child care has just come out with a report that says more than 336,000 mothers in South Carolina experiences challenges maintaining a job while finding child care in 2018. 

Child Care Aware of America, which published the report, said the issues affect mothers regardless of whether or not they had a spouse to help shoulder the burden, with more married women actually facing problems.

The report said 216,000 married working mothers and 120,000 single working mothers had trouble finding child care.

The problem is expected to be further exacerbated by the rise in jobs with nonstandard schedules and irregular hours. And while job-based care remains a rarity, there has been an increase in childcare that can be charged at both an hourly or daily rate, places like KidZone Drop-In Hourly Childcare on Orchard Park Drive here in Greenville.

Still, as the report notes, most day cares remain tied to traditional hours.

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