Clemson Grad to Lead Space Force

Four-star general John Raymond

Evan Smith
July 12, 2019 - 4:23 pm

Donald Trump’s Space Force now has a leader, and he’s got connections to the upstate.

General John "Jay" Raymond is the highest ranking military officers to have graduated from the Clemson Reserve Officer Training Corps.

Now, the four-star general has just been named the commander of the new United States Space Command – more colloquially known as “Space Force.”

Raymond was voted in my unanimous consensus, and during his confirmation hearing, he gave a shout out to the Clemson Tigers.

Raymond was previously the commander of the Air Force Space Command based in Colorado. He will retain that title as he takes on his additional role.

The Space Command was created via an executive order signed by Donald Trump back in December.

According to the Department of Defense, the goal of the new military branch is to “unify, focus and accelerate the development of space doctrine, capabilities, and expertise to outpace future threats, institutionalize advocacy for space priories, and further build a space warfighting culture.”

As for Raymond, he said he never expected the route his career took, but he said he owes it all to the role models he met at Clemson. 

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