Clemson Student Group Protecting Tigers

"Clemson Tigers For Tigers"

April 06, 2018 - 2:59 pm

There are more freshmen students at Clemson University than there are tigers in the wild.

That’s the first fact you see on the “Clemson Tigers for Tigers” website.

Tigers for Tigers was founded in 1998 by Clemson students concerned about the future of their beloved mascot namesake.

“The idea is to raise awareness about tiger conservation and tiger endangerment,” the group’s current president Evelyn Ann Borucki said. “So Tigers for Tigers is kind of a play that we are tigers, our mascot’s a tiger, and we’re working to protect tigers in the wild.”

Since its founding, the group has grown to nearly a dozen other universities — all of which also use a tiger mascot. That includes Auburn, Louisiana State University and Missouri.

“We’ve been able to connect with a lot of different schools and, at one point, we had a Tigers for Tigers coalition,” Borucki said.

The group’s 5th annual Tiger Run 5K will be at the Clemson Botanical Gardens on Saturday. The conservation group Tiger Trust will be the designated beneficiary of the event’s proceeds this year.

“[It’s] an organization in India that works with tiger conservation but more specifically, they do different trainings for the rangers and also just people in the community that are surrounded by tigers,” Borucki said.

The trust is one of several conservation organizations Tigers for Tigers supports.

“We’ve had connections in D.C. in the past and we’ve been able to lobby for certain legislation through our organization, which I don’t know if we would have been able to do it without the recognition that Clemson gets,” she said.

Borucki said some members of Tigers for Tigers have been able to make careers in wildlife conservation.

“Clemson Tigers for Tigers has been able to produce a lot of leaders in the conservation industry,” she said. “Tigers for Tigers has been able to produce these individuals that really care about tiger conservation and they’re able to apply that to their future.”

Borucki said although tigers are not found in the wild in the United States, they still need protection here.

“There are so many ways that even the U.S. can improve in tiger conservation,” she said. “And so we support the Big Cat and Public Safety Act which would limit and hopefully stop the ownership of big cats and other animals.”

Click here for information on Tigers for Tigers and a link to register for the run. 


(Renee Sexton - South Carolina Radio Network)

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