Clemson Student VP Facing Impeachment

Facing a Hearing in November

Seth Stokes
October 26, 2017 - 10:01 pm

The Clemson University Student Senate voted Monday to have a impeachment hearing for the vice president of the student government. 

After a more than three hour debate, the student Senate decided that Undergraduate Student Body VP, Jaren Stewart, will face an impeachment hearing due to allegations of misconduct.

The hearing is set for Monday, November 6 at 7 p.m.

Student Senator Miller Hoffman says the reasons for impeachment are not fulfilling elected responsibilities of the student body vice president, and being unfit for the office of the student body vp. 

Steward claims that the allegations stem from he and several members of the student government sitting through the pledge at a student government meeting on Sept. 25.

Hoffman says that claim is "completely untrue".

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