Clock Runs Out

End of Daylight Savings Time dead for this session

April 16, 2018 - 10:19 am

APRIL 16, 2018 BY RENEE SEXTON (South Carolina Radio Network)

A proposal which could have ended the semi-annual time change in South Carolina has been tabled for this legislative session. But the discussion is expected to continue into next year.

A resolution proposed by State Rep. Alan Clemmons, R-Myrtle Beach, would have put the issue up for a referendum to voters in the 2018 election. The resolution did not make it out of committee, and therefore missed the critical “crossover deadline.”

“From folks I’ve heard from, and it has not been a few, it’s been a lot,” Clemmons told the House Constitutional Laws Subcommittee last week, “There is an angst in South Carolina over changing your clocks twice a year.”

Clemmons mentioned the passage of a bill by the Florida Senate which asks Congress to eliminate the time change and puts the state on permanent Daylight Saving Time. He told the subcommittee North Carolina legislators are considering a similar bill and several lawmakers in Georgia have reached out to him on the subject.

“I’m seeing these kind of bills pop up around the country,” he said. “I suspect that there will be a federal bill proposed to allow states to opt in or out as they see fit. There’s talk about that in Congress now. The more states who vote for this, the more likely we’ll see that national movement become a part of a congressional action.”

In March, the Senate adopted a resolution submitted by State Sen. Harvey Peeler, R-Gaffney, to conduct a feasibility study. The deadline for recommendations is July 1.

“If we were to see that South Carolina wants to do away with ‘Spring forward-Fall back’ and we were to take action on that, that action.. would be to request that Congress make that change,” Clemmons said.

Although the bill did not make the April 10 deadline to pass either one chamber or the other without a supermajority vote, House rules still require discussion if they were on a committee’s agenda.

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