A Conversation with McKissick

A 106.3 WORD Exclusive

Seth Stokes
August 21, 2018 - 12:01 pm

SC GOP Chairman Drew McKissick was in the upstate Monday night addressing the Anderson County Republican Party's monthly meeting.  In an exclusive interview with 1063 WORD we asked McKissick the following questions:

In an election cycle where the sitting Republican Governor, who was not elected, faced multiple candidates in the primary and was forced into a runoff to win the party’s nomination, how confident are you that conservatives will show up in the November general election?

How confident are you in the security and accuracy of the state’s election infrastructure?

Will the SC Republican party pursue the decertification of the Democratic gubernatorial candidate Rep. James Smith due to a potential violation of the state “sore loser” law (which prevents a candidate from running as one party’s nominee after losing the nomination in another party)?

Is the SC GOP actively pursuing registration by party?

In the light of recent comments by Democratic leaders and activists apparently condoning the use of violence against Trump supporters, are you concerned about the safety of Republicans?

Drew McKissick was elected State Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party in May of 2017.

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