Cop Killer Pleads Guilty

To avoid death penalty

Patrick Gentry
May 22, 2018 - 2:12 pm

A man who ambushed four police officers in South Carolina, killing one of them, has pleaded guilty to murder as part of a deal which spares his life.

Christian McCall quietly admitted to the Jan. 16 shooting in York County on Tuesday. He was waiting to see if the judge would accept the negotiated sentence of life without parole.

Solicitor Kevin Brackett says McCall first hid and shot an officer tracking him with a dog after his wife called 911 and said he beat her, then ran away.

Brackett says a few hours later, McCall hid under a deck and shot three officers trying to find him. York County Sheriff's detective Mike Doty was killed.

Before the shooting, McCall was a 47-year-old with a successful career in the banking industry.

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