Cost Analysis - Nearly $60 Million

To put an armed cop in every school

Patrick Gentry
March 02, 2018 - 2:25 pm

It could cost up to $60 million to put a trained, armed police officer in every South Carolina elementary, middle and high school.

The state Education Department told The State newspaper that 607 of the state's 1,195 public schools currently have a police officer.

The agency says the cost of hiring and training an officer the first year is about $110,000, leading to up to a price tag that could be $60 million.

Gov. Henry McMaster said Thursday at a school safety summit that he wants an armed officer in every school before he would consider arming teachers.

McMaster put $5 million in his budget plan for lawmakers before a Florida school shooting that killed 17 people, and said Thursday he is willing to spend more if needed.

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