County Square Redevelopment

Council votes in project's favor

Evan Smith
May 22, 2019 - 2:30 pm

On Tuesday, Greenville County Council members voted to support the $1 billion County Square redevelopment project near downtown, as well as a $65 million county building.

The vote, however, was not unanimous.

Earlier this month, County Councilman Mike Barnes made a motion to kill the project altogether, saying it was too expensive and lacked transparency.

That motion failed Tuesday on an 8 to 4 vote, during a meeting attended by hundreds of county residents.

Just a year earlier, the entire council stood behind the project, under the working assumption that it would be entirely self-funded. But now some councilmembers say that might not be the case, saying councilmembers behind the project have not been entirely forthcoming about how much it will really cost taxpayers.

The land at University Ridge is considered to be some of the most valuable in Greenville, and its redevelopment has long been a part of a plan for a more expanded downtown revitalization.

Estimates now show that the county might end up paying up to $150 million for the project, although councilmembers behind the plan say it will still fund itself with the land sales and future tax revenue.

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