Database Offers Documents On Revolution

Outlining South Carolina's Role

South Carolina Radio Network
July 24, 2018 - 2:52 pm

More than 11,000 documents from South Carolina’s Revolutionary War era are now available to search online.

The state Department of Archives and History said it digitized its records with help from a National Parks Service grant. The agency’s Electronic Records and Digital Collections Supervisor Bryan Collars said the documents were previously only available to those who made the trip to the agency’s headquarters in Columbia.

“The Revolution is such a central part of the state’s history that we felt it incumbent upon us, once the opportunity presented itself, to map these images and make them accessible in a much greater manner,” he told South Carolina Radio Network.

Over the last six months, the SCDAH completed the process of adding these records to its online index Collars said much of the credit goes to the Southern Revolutionary War Institute and York County Culture & Heritage Museums historian Michael Scoggins for ensuring the images were scanned into the database. The project was funded through a grant from the National Park Service.

The records are largely audited accounts during the brand-new South Carolina government’s war period. Since the fledgling state had practically no currency, it relied heavily on the credit and goodwill of its wealthy citizens and troops to fight the war. The records digitized in this particular collection deal with soldiers outlining their time served or citizens tallying up their expenses for the state to eventually reimburse at a later date. The records date from 1775 until the federal government eventually assumed states’ war debts.

However, those records are still useful for researchers or descendants to learn more about South Carolina’s history.

“The services and goods that were provided during that time period offer a wealth of geneological resources as well as historical resources that individuals can tap into,” Collars said.

To view the record series, visit the SCDAH’s Online Records Index. After entering the Index, use the “Advanced Search” option at the bottom checkbox and choose the Record Group “Combined Index to Records Series, 1675-1929” and the Series “S108092: Accounts Audited of Claims Growing Out of the Revolution.” For questions about this series, you can contact (803) 896-0339 or

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