Deputies Get Pay Bump

Effective immediately

Evan Smith
May 30, 2019 - 3:03 pm

Effective immediately, all deputies at the Greenville County Sheriff’s office with a rank of sergeant or lower will receive a substantial jump in their pay.

The $1.5 million plan presented Wednesday will, according to county administrators, be implemented “as soon as the paperwork goes through.”  

Starting deputies, for instance, will see a pay jump from about $16 an hour to $19 an hour. That pay jump will also see a slight boost come July when the cost-of-living standards increase, which will bring their pay up to about $19.50 an hour.

The push to give deputies a minimum $40,000 starting salary comes after increasing concerns about recruiting and retaining deputies here in Greenville.

County leaders noted that lower salaries compared to other counties was causing deputies to lose moral and to have lower quality of life, which has led to more deputies leaving the force.

Deputies should see the bump in their very next paycheck.

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