Deputy Salaries

Sheriff Addresses Salary Concerns

Evan Smith
February 04, 2019 - 4:21 pm

There have been many issues concerning the topic of salaries at the Sheriff’s Office. In particular a lack of increases for lower level deputies, those being the deputies below the rank of master deputy.

A majority of them here at the agency

There’s a misconception, said Sheriff Johnny Mack Brown, who stressed that he increased command staff salaries when taking office in April.

“If I had the authority to increase salaries we would not even be discussing this issue,” Brown said, “and I would already have increased the deputy 1’s and dispatchers’ salaries, which would be phase 2 of the salary increases.”

“Nobody on the command staff got a raise expect the normal two percent that everybody gets each year,” he added.

Mack said the only other deputies who received raises were those who were promoted who went to s a different salary level.

Brown said reports that he had increased command staff salaries to 1.3 million dollars is not true.

What he did do, Brown said, was increase the number of people on the command staff to include the lieutenants, thus making it seem as though salaries had risen from $800,000 to well over a million dollars.

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