Dowe Wins Primary

For at-large council seat

Evan Smith
June 12, 2019 - 2:54 pm
File Photo

Lee Rogers


The votes from Tuesday’s Democratic primary elections for City Council are now fully tallied, and the winner is Greenville businesswoman Dorothy Dowe.

Dowe will now have a chance to take the seat of incumbent Greenville City Council member Republican George Fletcher, who faced no primary challenge himself.

Dowe defeated her opponent, Greenville-based attorney Lindsey Jacobs.

The final tally was 1,202 votes for Dowe versus Jacob’s 975 votes, a difference of 227 votes.

Only five percent of registered voters in the city came out to cast their ballots.

The seat Dowe now aims to win is the “at-large” council seat, meaning any registered voter in the city can vote regardless of their council district.

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