Drag Queen Story Hour In The Books

Protests noisy but peaceful

February 17, 2019 - 11:09 pm

​The Drag Queen Story Hour, organized by a group called Moms Liberal Happy Hour SC​, took place as scheduled Sunday afternoon at the Five Forks library in Simpsonville. 

Law enforcement was well prepared, arriving early Sunday morning to keep protesters and counter-protesters separated in the parking lot.  Traffic was aslo blocked in some of the areas surrounding the public library. 

Supporters of the Drag Queen Story Hour appeared to outnumber critics by about a two to one margin.  Both groups were quite vocal in their positions, however there were no reports of any physical confrontations or arrests.  Media was restricted inside the library during the program. 

Witnesses reported that the area used for the event were filled to capactity and there was a line of people waiting to get in.  As some attendees left, an equal number were allowed in.

Videos of the scene outside the library are posted on the 1063WORD Facebook page.

The Greenville County Sheriff's Office had security plans in place and issued this release Thursday:

In preparation for the scheduled “Drag Queen Story Hour”, taking place at the Five Forks Library, the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office wants to address several measures of enforcement that will be taking place to ensure the safety and security of all people attending or present during the event. These steps have been initiated after receiving information regarding multiple threats made over social media. 

The Sheriff’s Office will be on site Sunday in an effort to ensure the safety and security for all parties involved.

These will be in affect from 11:00am - 6:00pm on Sunday, February 17th:

-There will be no bags of any kind allowed on the property of the library.

-Anyone wishing to assemble must use the designated areas in the parking lot in an effort to not block or interfere with library patrons. 

-Expect heavy traffic congestion during the above time period.

-No parking on Woodruff Road, Sunnydale Drive or Dusty Lane. Deputies and Troopers from the Highway Patrol will be providing traffic control and enforcement.
       -only residents of Mcrae place will be      allowed on Sunnydale Drive (beyond the library)

-No weapons of any kind will be allowed on the library’s property.

-Reminder that State Law prohibits the wearing of a mask to include bandanas, to conceal a person’s identity.

-Reminder that the FAA prohibits flying drones over crowds without a permit.

We are confident that the people in our community will join us in the effort to ensure this event is peaceful and safe for everyone present.

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