Drug Warrant Roundup

Spartanburg Sheriff Talks Border Wall

Evan Smith
January 17, 2019 - 3:49 pm

Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright held a press conference Thursday detailing another drug warrant roundup.

The totality of the investigation was an undercover operation in response to community complaints, Wright said.

Warrants were issued and notices sent out to news agencies related to 64 individuals – some violent, some nonviolent – wanted for selling narcotics: a total of 119 warrants in total, given that some individuals had multiple warrants out for their arrest.

Pills, meth, heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine – Wright said the warrants run the gamut of drug offenses. But he noted that community complaints were crucial in issuing the warrants.

“This is what happens when the community helps us help them,” Wright said. “The drug issue is still strong in Spartanburg, like it is everywhere, because of our weak criminal justice system.”

Wright suggested other programs, such as state work programs, should be implemented to help narcotics addicts rehabilitate themselves.

In response to a question about whether Wright was hoping to catch all 64 wanted individuals, he replied, “Ain’t no hoping. We’ll catch ‘em.”

“A lot of these peoples’ parents want you to catch their sons for their safety,” Wright added, explaining that family members often turn in wanted individuals to help get them to a better life clean of substances.

“But just leaving them in jail is not the best option,” Wright said. “If a person wants to change their lifestyle it takes a little work, but you can do it.”

As for how to stop the influx of illegal drugs into this country, Wright was more blunt.

Yeah I’m going to say something that a lot of people are on one side or the other and I don’t really care  – just build the wall,” Wright said. “A lot of that stuff is coming across the border. Build the dang wall. It takes $105 billion to support the illegals we have and $50 billion to build a fence. I went to Byrnes High School and that’s still easy math.”

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