Dummy Lawsuit

Women sue amusement park they broke into

Evan Smith
December 04, 2018 - 3:17 pm

Here’s a fun story you may have missed.

File this one under “only in America.”

Two women broke into a closed Myrtle Beach amusement park at night, where they decided to go down the park’s giant Pipeline Slide.

The ride itself was shut off, so unsurprisingly, both women wiped out on the way down, each breaking a leg and two ankles.

Now, they’re suing the park, seeking money in damages from the owners who, they say, made their park too easy to break into.

The suit claims that “since there were no employees there to instruct them, they didn’t realize the slide had to be sprayed with water, and also that they needed a burlap sack.”  

Don’t worry – the suit was quickly dismissed by the Horry County court system.

Still no word on if the women will return to try the slide again.

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