Fall on the Whitewater River

Victim's Body Found

Seth Stokes
May 21, 2018 - 8:15 pm

From Oconee County Fire Chief, Charles King:

Shortly after 3:30 pm Sunday, emergency crews were alerted to a fall on the Whitewater River in Northern Oconee County. A caller reported that a party of four was at the river and a female had fallen from the top of the falls approximately 70 feet. The caller/witness met fire/rescue crews in the Muster Ground parking lot to the Bad Creek Complex to lead them to the scene. Crews searched the area until around 8:30 pm, but have not been able to locate the female. The search included technical rescuers on land and divers in boats on Lake Jocassee.  Limited access, local storms, and high river levels are adding to the already complex and dangerous situation. Rescue crews will resume their work at safe light on Monday morning with the help of rescue teams from our neighboring counties. A Command Post has been set up in the parking lot of the Bad Creek Complex.

The victim has been identified as 18-year-old Anna McCall Mimms. 

The Lower Whitewater Falls is the final set of water falls on the Whitewater River prior to emptying into Lake Jocassee. The falls has a total drop of around 600 feet. 

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