Local Organization Fighting the Gas Tax Hike

Seth Stokes
March 20, 2017 - 9:27 am

With the gas tax increase being such a hot button issue in South Carolina, one organization in the Upstate hit the road to let citizen’s know that they do have a voice. The Freedom Action Network of SC, or Fan of SC, was at Eagles Gas Station on Pelham Rd this morning. David Schwartz, the president of Fan of SC, says they are there to provide a little relief for commuters this morning.

“The politicians down in Columbia are trying to increase the pain at the pump. They want to raise our gas tax by 72% so we thought, today, we’ll give a little bit of relief to the hard working

commuters here in Greenville…... we’re giving away tax-free gas…”

 Fan of SC is paying the tax on the first 1,500 gallons of gas sold at Eagles this morning. Swartz says that we pay about $0.17 to the state and about $0.18 to the feds every gallon and that “they (politicians)” want to increase it another $0.12 a gallon.

“We want to make sure that folks know about that and they know they can do something about it…”

He says that there are two things “we know” about the increase and that is “it won’t fix our roads” and “we’ll pay more at the pump”.

One commuter getting gas this morning thinks it’s great that Fan of SC is raising awareness and offering a little relief at the pump. Even though he opposes the tax he has an idea of what to do with the money if the tax has to happen.

“...if they’re going to have that tax, the money raised in Greenville County needs to go to repair roads in Greenville County…. that money shouldn’t be going down to the coast. It’s the highways to nowhere.”

This commuter was not the only individual with ideas for how the road repair issue should be handled. Schwartz says that he has three simple ways to fix the roads in South Carolina.           

“...make the Governor accountable for the Dept. of Transportation. Make it a true cabinet agency that way every citizen in the state of South Carolina can hold one person accountable for the condition of our roads…”

 He says that we have a “bunch of corrupt legislators” in charge of the DOT commission. He also says that the state infrastructure bank should be done away with.

“This is nothing more than a corrupt political cash cow for one state senator that’s the president of the senate. Get rid of that. It adds debt to the citizens of the state.”

 His third point is “transparency” because the people of South Carolina pay for the system and the DOT and that we are entitled to know where our money is going and who is  getting it. Fan of SC wants those opposed to the gas tax increase to text “Vote No” to 52886 and that will connect them directly with their politicians in the state house. The hope  is that citizens feel like they can get more engaged in this process.

 To find out more about Fan of SC and what they are doing around the state log on to www.fanofsc.com.


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