Monday night cocktail

Chase them blues with some local bourbon

Evan Smith
August 20, 2018 - 5:30 pm

You've made it to the end of Monday, which means you deserve a drink to celebrate.

This week we're featuring a local whiskey, Six and Twenty Old Money Single Batch Whiskey. We'll be using it to create a pleasant, refreshing drink with just a hint of herbs to make you feel like you're sipping something fine on the shore of a calm lake... doesn't that sound nice?

Well, let's get started.

You'll need the following:

-Whiskey (any kind will do --  rye, bourbon, Tennessee -- but we're using Six and Twenty to give our drink some local oomph.)

-Rhubarb bitters (you'll have to buy this, but it should be available at any liqur store or Publix)

-Simple syrup (you can make your own by combining sugar and water, boiling it down, and then adding rosemary to the pot; let it simmer in there for thirty minutes, or less if you're short on time)

-Sour mix (even easier to make, it's just lime juice, lemon juice, sugar and water)

-A shaker filled with ice (or just use a jar, or one cup stacked on another cup, or even a tubberware container -- whatever you have on hand)

-Rosemary (if you want to be fancy with a garnish)

And now just mix it all together like so:

1. Start by filling your shaker / jar / tubberware container with some ice

2. Pour in one and a half ounces of your whiskey

3. Add 4 dashes of rhubarb bitters

4. Add a quarter ounce of simple syrup

5. Add a half ounce of sour mix

6. Shake it up

7. Strain over ice

8. Add a sprig of rosemary if you want to be fancy

9. Sip your drink like an aristocrat (or toss it back like a champ)

Special thanks to Michael Wilson of Rick Erwin's West End Grille, who hooked us up with the recipe. Wilson has been a veteran of the restuarnt industry here in Greenville ever since he started bussing tables at his uncle's restaurant at the age of twelve. Check back with us next week for another fancy cocktail creation.


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