Templeton Announces Run For Governor

Former Haley appointee to challenge McMaster for 2018 GOP nomination

Lee Rogers
April 04, 2017 - 7:00 pm

Catherine Templeton, the former labor and public health chief under former Governor Nikki Haley, has announced her candidacy for the 2018 Republican nomination for Governor of South Carolina.  

Templeton will be challenging incumbent Governor Henry McMaster who assumed the governorship following the resignation of Governor Nikki Haley after her confirmation as US ambassador to the United Nations in January.  

Templeton had also been considered for a position within the Trump administration as Labor Secretary.

The following is a press release from the Templeton campaign.

​Today, Catherine Templeton announced she is running for Governor.


Templeton said, “I have never run for office, and I won’t run for the next one, but I can’t unsee what I saw in Columbia.  The corruption, waste, self interest, and good ol boy system is alive and well.  It’s ridiculous. Doing the right thing, is not that hard if you are in it for the right reasons.” 


 “There is a right way to do things and for the past 30 years we have sent a lot of our money to Columbia and we haven’t gotten a lot back.  Right now, we need politicians spending less time on scandals and more time doing math.  Look where we are right now - number 50 in education and number 1 in criminal domestic violence.  Our retirement system is going to mean that every man, woman and child in SC is going to be more than $16,000 in debt because of our government. Plus, we have more people moving in, which means more time sitting in traffic, more kids in failing schools, and more healthcare costs for all of us.  We can’t keep kicking the can down the road.  Einstein’s definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Right now is the time to send someone with practical experience running a business, making a home, and reforming government to call balls and strikes and do the math in Columbia.  We can’t wait another decade to get started.”


Templeton, who advised Fortune 500 companies most of her career, was one of Governor Nikki Haley’s first Cabinet appointees and was recently offered a position in the Trump Administration. Governor Haley has said of Templeton, “She is a fighter. She is strong. She is a mother. She is a wife. She’s a great professional who hasn’t just been good at anything – she’s been great at everything.”


More information can be found on Catherine Templeton at


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