Filmmakers Release Gaffney Based Series

New series available online

Emily Gill
August 12, 2019 - 10:45 am

Courtesy of Coki Productions


Two filmmakers, originally from the Upstate, returned to South Carolina make their newest project.

Catherdine Dee Holly and Fraye Ford took over Gaffney to film Pop-Pop Is Dead

The project was originally a film, which is still running the film festival circuit.  Holly and Forde wanted to make it more accessible, though, and decided to recut it into a four part series.

Courtesy of Coki Productions

Holly, originally from Gaffney, said working in her home town was a special experience.

Since Gaffney doesn't have many films made there, the legal process was easier.  Aside from that, the city lent its assistance in scouting locations and providing food.  Holly's old friend, Mayor Henry Jolly, helped them close a street for a day of filming, and even came to set when they were filming at the Big Peach.

Episodes are being released every Sunday throughout August.  To watch and find more info, check out    

Please note the series has adult language and themes.

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